Br. Juan Acuña, C.PP.S.

Brother Juan Acuña, C.PP.S., brings a prodigious amount of gifts to his life of service.

Brother Juan, a native of Santiago, Chile, was educated as a civil engineer. He is also a gifted photographer and web designer. When he chose to follow God’s call to become a religious brother, he was sent to the United States, because the Missionaries’ Cincinnati Province is blessed with many brothers who could serve as mentors. He had to master English and take advanced theological studies while adapting to a new culture.

Today, Brother Juan ministers at the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in Chicago, where his clear mind and big heart have prompted him to help out with many projects. Brother Juan once said, “I chose this path, this life, and that implies surrender to God. I left my home and my family, but I left with a sense of trust. At the center of everything I do is the conviction that God has asked me to do this, so God will help me through.”

Thank you, Brother Juan, for saying yes to God’s call!

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