Br. Ton Sison, C.PP.S.

Brother Antonio Sison, C.PP.S., is an associate professor of systematic theology and the chair of the historical and doctrinal studies department at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is also a regular columnist for the National Catholic Reporter.

A naturalized U.S. citizen, Br. Ton was raised in Manilla, the Philippines. Recently, he spoke at a Brothers’ Symposium held at the University of Notre Dame, where he explained the vocation of religious brothers in this way: “Brothers are called to be sacraments of Jesus the Brother. A sacrament, in general terms, is a sign of the presence of God reflected in our lives—in initiatives that promote justice and human flourishing, in our relationships with each other and with the rest of creation, in art and creative endeavors, and indeed, in the prayers of the community.

“As we try our best to live the call of the brother, we are humbled to bring to remembrance the Nazarene who, in the defenseless power of vulnerability, companioned people—shoulder-to-shoulder—and listened to them as they searched for fragments of salvation in their lives. Like the moon reflected on water, we hope that in some modest way, we can be a reflection of Jesus, the Brother.”

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