Amici of the C.PP.S.

Amici of the C.PP.S. have a bond with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Originally founded as a way for former priests and brothers to reconnect with the Congregation that formed them, Amici now include those who once studied at one of the Missionaries' seminaries or colleges.

Amici Amici feel that the Missionaries of the Precious Blood helped form them into the people they are today. Many of them work in the helping professions.

Many have fond memories of their time with the Missionaries, and want to stay connected with the Congregation and with each other, along with their wives and families.

Amici C.PP.S. Newsletter

The Amici C.PP.S. Newsletter was published from October 1990 until October 2013, when the final issue appeared. We've archived a complete set of the Amici C.PP.S. Newsletters.

The group has been an inspiration to many and is a living example of the Missionaries' belief in the importance of reconciliation.

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Photograph: Top: Amici Noel Coughlin and Luke Frohnapfel. Bottom: 2011 Amici gathering.