Priest and Brother Candidates

When a priest or brother candidate joins (the technical term is to become definitively incorporated) the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, he makes a promise to spend his life not only as a priest or brother, but also as a member of a particular religious community. He is saying, “God has called me to a life of service in the Church, and this is the way that I have found to carry out that call. This is where I belong.” And the Missionaries say in reply, “Welcome to the family.”

Men in formation with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood spend time together in prayer, study and community life. While following their call to become priests or religious brothers, they typically go through the following steps of discernment/formation:


  • People who are beginning their journey toward the consecrated life as a priest or brother are in discernment. They are listening closely to God’s call, talking to vocation ministers, attending retreats and days of reflection, and praying for God’s guidance in choosing a religious community or diocesan program. The Missionaries’ formation team walks with discerners, who may request to live in the Missionaries’ house of initial formation in Chicago while they learn about the Community.

Initial formation:

  • Candidates in initial formation live together in the Missionaries’ house of initial formation in Chicago. There, they attend classes, work toward a bachelor’s degree or complete necessary coursework, worship together, find volunteer opportunities that strengthen their sense of ministry, and experience community life.

Special formation:

  • Once candidates have made an initial commitment to the Missionaries, they enter into a time of special formation. They travel to the Missionaries’ houses and ministry sites around the U.S. and spend time in a C.PP.S. parish and/or school in a community life internship to observe what life as a priest or brother is like.

Advanced formation:

  • Candidates in advanced formation have made a pledge to the Missionaries, called temporary incorporation. In this step, they decide whether to become a priest or religious brother, then take additional necessary coursework at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago toward that goal. When they complete their advanced formation, they are professed as religious brothers or ordained as a transitional deacon, then a priest.
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Prayer for Vocations to Precious Blood Communities

Lord God, you called St. Gaspar del Bufalo to renew the Church through the ministry of the Word and the proclamation of our salvation in your Precious Blood.

Continue to call men and women to share in that mission as Companions, sisters, brothers and priests who respond to the cry of the Blood in our world today.

Give them the grace they need to answer your call and live as your faithful servants.

We ask this in your name, Jesus, for you shed your Blood for us. Amen.


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