A Bold Hope-Filled Future Together

Called in baptism, empowered by the Blood of Christ, and faithful to the vision of our founder, St. Gaspar, we are nurtured by community and sent into mission.

We are an intentional, vibrant Community bound in charity respecting and affirming our diverse gifts.

Joyfully and with grace-filled hospitality we invite and welcome others. Through our bold, hope-filled witness we are increasing in number and spirit.

We are re-created as we answer God's call in new and sanctifying ways.

We balance individual gifts with a courageous response to the needs of the Church and the world. From the table of the Word and the Eucharist we are sent to be in solidarity with the poor and marginalized. Redeemed by the Precious Blood, we are ambassadors of Christ entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation.

We are an international Community committed to an ever-expanding collaborative spirit as we embrace a deepening relationship with others in the Precious Blood family. We are especially enriched by mutual relationships with our Latin American missions.

We have compassionate leaders who call forth and nurture the abundant gifts of our members and all who share in our life and mission. With faithful accountability, we share with our elected leaders mutual responsibility for leadership and service to the Community. Together we commit ourselves to living this vision into reality.

Vision Statement Affirmed at the October 2009 Provincial Assembly

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