Fr. Steve Dos Santos, C.PP.S, was invited by the Dayton Theology on Tap group to give a presentation. Fr. Steve's presentation "i-Missionary" focuses on the different ways Catholics can be missionary disciples.

Fr. Steve is a Missionary of the Precious Blood. To learn more about the Missionaries of the Precious Blood visit: cpps-preciousblood.org

Special thanks to Theology on Tap for inviting Fr. Steve to be a guest speaker.

You can also view these videos on YouTube.

Father, where have you been?


 The Ascension - a Command and a Promise


Missionary Disciples

What does it mean to be a disciple?


What does it mean to be missionary?


Missionary Discipleship - How We Do What We Do


Disciple & Missionary - We are Called to be Both


The Church does not have a mission . . . the mission has a Church.


The Three Fields of Mission


Be "Out" as a Christian - the Orange Car Story


What is our mission?


There is no such thing as an odd place for Church.


People of Service


Is their evidence to acquit you?


Leading with Joy


The Importance of the Laity


Educate yourself on issues that are important to you.


Don't Wait to Witness


Just Do Something


How do you give witness?


Discipleship - Practical Advice #1: Prayer


Discipleship - Practical Advice #2: Scripture


Discipleship - Practical Advice #3: Sacraments


Discipleship - Practical Advice #4: Fellowship





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