April 12, 2016: Tuesday, Third Week of Easter

A Gluten Free God

            St. Steven Catholic Church, where I preside at Mass on Sundays, offers gluten-free hosts for people who are sensitive to this protein composite found in wheat. Jesus says in today’s Gospel passage that he is “the bread of life.” For most people during the time of Jesus, bread was so basic to their diet that bread and life could be understood as interchangeable words.

            Through baptism, we become one with the Paschal Mystery of Christ. Several of the after-communion prayers in the Roman Missal make reference that through the grace of God we may become that of which we have just partaken. As God’s people, we are to become life giving bread for others. Even with our sins, flaws, scars, fears, and doubts, we, like Jesus, are to give life, gluten-free or otherwise.

Fr. Timothy Guthridge, C.PP.S. (Kansas City)

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