April 14, 2016: Thursday of the Third Week of Easter

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them . . . (John 6: 44)

            We hear a lot about energy fields today. In today’s reading, Jesus speaks of a divine energy, a power at work in each of us, in all of us and in the whole universe. A divine energy seeking us out, finding us, and drawing us home. As we let ourselves be influenced by the positive energy of God’s love, we can experience our inner-connectedness with all peoples and with all of creation; all negative energy melts away.

            Be in the presence of this positive energy of God’s love. Feel and experience the mercy of God. God who knows your inner core of goodness, invites you to see that inner core of goodness in yourself and in others. We are all wounded, but good. God says ABSOLVED! FORGIVEN!

Sr. Rose McKeown, ASC

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