April 19, 2016: Tuesday, Fourth Week of Easter

 The hand of the Lord was with them . . . (Acts 11: 21)
No one can take them out of the Father’s hand . . . (John 10: 28)

            How many times have we wondered where is God when we need him/her? I know that for me, I felt God was not only not with me, but had dumped me from his hand. Our faith is often tested in ways we never expected. While knowing God is with us does nothing to help the pain go away, in retrospect it often is evident that God was with us all the while we were struggling.

            In 2015, my faith was challenged (and continues to be challenged). I suffered a stroke which has left me as a quadriplegic. What sustains me is God’s mercy and love. I feel God’s hands every day in the gentle loving hands of those helping me in my daily activities. We all suffer challenges, but knowing God is holding us makes the burden more bearable.

Sr. Marie Poland, ASC

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