April 29, 2016: St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor

It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you
and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain,
so that whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.
This I command you: love one another. (John 15: 16–17)

            Precious Blood spirituality is crying out to reconcile and to heal the needs in our world: bullying, wars of words, public rhetoric villainizing an entire faith tradition, the hardening of our hearts to the pain and the needs of the poor and the immigrant, using people as a means to an end, all rooted in the rampant fear of anyone who is “other.”

            How does St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), Doctor of the Church, encourage and inspire the recognition of God “who chose you” in the struggles of our time? Catherine understands our struggles having lived during the arduous era of the Black Death, mercenary armies warring throughout the city states of Italy and Europe, as well as a divided papacy. Catherine’s response to the overwhelming difficulties of her time was to embrace being chosen by God to engage in the ministries of caring for others, preaching God’s word, and reconciliation. May St. Catherine of Siena inspire us to respond to our call to be deeply rooted in prayer, to live courageously with moral integrity, and to engage in reconciliation as we live our Precious Blood spirituality.

Sr. Karen M. Elliott, C.PP.S. (Dayton)

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