April 30, 2016: Saturday, Fifth Week of Easter

Misunderstanding, Grace, and Mercy

            One of the things that each of us strives for in life is to be understood by friends, co-workers and family members. To be understood means that we have been able to express our views on a particular issue, and whether or not someone agrees with me, at least the person knows the context of my thought. Within conflicting areas, being understood means that I am still a good person in faith and reasoning, but I have simply arrived at a different conclusion. Frequently, the area of disagreement does not cause great concern if the understanding has taken place.

           To reach this level of understanding in life is difficult and sometimes impossible. To be a person of mercy in light of the Gospel of Jesus means that I am called to take the first step in reaching out to people for greater understanding. As Jesus was also misunderstood, let us persevere!

 Fr. Daniel Torson, C.PP.S. (Kansas City)

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