March 27, 2016: Easter Sunday


The tomb has become the womb

            Today we look with Mary of Magdala and we see that the stone has been rolled back and the tomb is open. Like the opening of the Holy Doors to begin the Jubilee year, the image of the open tomb holds all the promise of mercy and the invitation to live anew.

            Peter and John anxiously peer into the tomb to discover that the burial cloths had been discarded, no longer needed by one who was alive. They failed to see the significance; that Jesus was dead and entombed, but Christ has arisen to give forgiveness of sins to all who believe. The tomb of Jesus has become the womb of the mercy of Christ.

            Two millennia later, do we appreciate the significance of the risen Christ and the empty tomb? Surely, we do rejoice that the tomb is open, but have we been reborn by the mercy that is given? Have we discarded the burial cloths of anger and resentment that we use to bind the wounds of our hurts and disappointments? Do we celebrate today that, with Christ, we walk out of the tomb of our sinfulness and are reborn as witnesses to mercy first received and then given to others?

            Today, the great Alleluia resounds throughout the Church. May it inspire us to live the words of the psalmist: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever.

Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, C.PP.S. (Cincinnati)


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