May 13, 2016: Friday, Seventh Week of Easter

It is not the custom of the Romans to hand over a man without giving him an opportunity
to defend himself in front of his accusers. (Acts 25: 16)

Today’s reading about Paul’s right to a fair trial is still upheld in our U.S. Constitution. No matter how horrible the crime, the accused is guaranteed the right to trial by a jury of peers. We don’t usually have to deal with criminal activity. However, how easily we seem to get our moral hackles up and become judge and jury in day-to-day circumstances. Pope Francis urges us to refrain from judgment and condemnation, “to accept the good in every person and to spare him any suffering that might be caused by our partial judgment, our presumption to know everything about him.” Therein lies the challenge.

Sr. Barbara Jean Franklin, ASC

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