May 3, 2016: Phillip & James, Apostles

Show us the Father. (John 14: 8)

            “Show us the Father” was an opening for Jesus to affirm the oneness in being of the Godhead present in the midst of those who followed Jesus and witnessed the works flowing out of the divine unity. He gives a hint of the mystery of the Trinity and of the potential union of humankind with God. Do you want to know God? Listen to Jesus, marvel at his works, and ponder his relationships with people in his life. Whatever is asked in his name he will do.

           In Jesus’ name we ask for the courage to love our enemies, so that our hearts and theirs be converted to compassion and peace, and that terrorism and violence be erased from the human family.

Sr. Eileen Schieber, C.PP.S. (O’Fallon)

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