May 6, 2016: Friday, Sixth Week of Easter

Promise and Fulfillment

            The Lord promises to Paul what he promises to all: “I will be with you.” Even though Paul often seems like a very bold person, he probably had his moments when life seemed to overwhelm him. This is one of those moments. So the Lord gives the usual command: “Do not be afraid. You’re doing my work; keep going; You’ll be okay. I am with you. I have many people there.”

            Those words are fulfilled when Paul is brought before Gallio. Paul does not even have to defend himself because Gallio sees through the jealousy and hard hearts of his accusers and knows there is no case against Paul. Paul must have remembered the words of the Lord: “Do not be afraid; no one will harm you.”

Fr. Joseph Uecker, C.PP.S. (Kansas City)

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