Leadership chosen at Peruvian Assembly

We ask for God's blessing on the newly elected leadership team at our mission in Peru.

We ask for God's blessing on Fr. Maximo Mesia, C.PP.S., who will serve another term as director of the C.PP.S. mission in Peru. Serving with him on the leadership team, as determined this week at the assembly in Peru, will be: Fr. Edgardo Chero Frias, C.PP.S., first councilor; and Fr. Dionicio Alberca, C.PP.S., second councilor.

Thanks also to Fr. Alex Chasnamote, C.PP.S., and Fr. Aurelio Chipana Curi, C.PP.S., who will assist the council with economic affairs and community life, respectively.

May the Holy Spirit guide their steps and all who serve in our mission in Peru.