Kidney Donor Sought for C.PP.S. Member

Our Fr. Ralph Verdi, C.PP.S., feels that he has much more to give to the people of God, but chronic, life-threatening kidney disease is slowing him down. In need of a kidney transplant at the age of 71, Fr. Verdi is too old to wait for a kidney from a deceased donor. Read more to see how people can help.

For over 44 years, Fr. Ralph Verdi, C.PP.S., has provided encouragement and hope to people on their journey of life. Despite suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD), a disease that, unless he receives a transplant from a living donor, will eventually claim his life, Fr. Verdi continues to do what he can to minister to the people of God. He continues to write music and Sunday reflections, hoping his music and reflections will inspire others.

He refuses to allow his disease to strip away is faith and hope. “I teach my Sunday school students how to be faithful and trust that they will not be forsaken in their hour of need. This knowledge is in me also as I stand here in my hour of need.”

You can follow Fr. Verdi’s journey on Facebook: Find a Kidney for Ralph. Fr. Verdi encourages you, even if you are unable to donate a kidney, to leave an encouraging message. “I've heard it said somewhere that kind words help the afflicted find comfort.”

To view his Sunday reflections, visit his website Words of a Soul.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in donating a kidney, please call the Ohio State's Comprehensive Transplant Center at 614-93-6724 or 800-293-8965 or the University of Cincinnati Kidney Transplant Program at 513-584-7001 to find out more. 

If you seriously consider donating after you speak with them, it would be helpful to mention that you would like to designate your donation for Fr. Verdi.

Financial assistance for expenses including travel and lodging may be available by applying to the:

National Living Donor Assistance Center
2461 S. Clark Street, Suite 640
Arlington, VA 22202;

Phone: Toll-free: 888-870-5002 or 703-414-1600
FAX: 703-414-7874