A Space for Our Stories

It’s important to create a safe place for people to tell their stories. A reflection for Holy Week.

As we walk through Holy Week, we offer you the thoughts of Fr. Dave Kelly, C.PP.S., who spoke on April 8 to members of our Missionary Hearts Mission and Ministry Society. His reflections on his life and ministry with the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation on Chicago’s South Side can inform how we experience this week with the suffering Christ, and with Christ’s suffering people.

Fr. Dave said an important part of the work at the Precious Blood Center is to create a safe place where people can tell their stories, their truth. “Through storytelling, we begin to see each other differently. You’re no longer who I thought you were because of the stories you have told,” he said. “Reconciliation requires creating a sense of safely, so that whatever you say, whoever you are, you can come together and know that you are safe. In that safe place, you can speak your truth. Your story becomes our story, and you become family.

“Isn’t that what we strive to do at our Eucharist? Don’t we strive to create a space that’s different from any outside space? In this space, we tell our story, and our individual story becomes part of a larger story, the Christian story, and all of a sudden our story has meaning, because it’s connected to God’s story.”