Seven Characteristics that define a Precious Blood Parish

There are seven characteristics that define life in a Precious Blood parish, according to Fr. Jeffrey Keyes, C.PP.S. These characteristics are faithful to the spirit of St. Gaspar, the founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

A Precious Blood parish is:

  • Collaborative
    • The leadership takes a team approach among the laity, priests, sisters, brothers and deacons. St. Gaspar never thought of himself as working alone.
  • All-embracing
    • This principle stretches everyone involved in parish life. “Our spirituality is supposed to stretch us,” he said.
  • Generous
    • “Since God has been unreasonably generous with us, it is imperative that we witness some of that generosity for the world,” Fr. Keyes said.
  • Encourages prayer
    • Prayer places us in solidarity with a broken world.
  • Contemplative
    • “We live in a world that is filled with individualism,” Fr. Keyes said. “We can simply learn to hold the world in God’s embrace of the powerlessness of the cross.”
  • Missionary Spirit
    • When we become parochial, we lose our identity as missionary.
  • Explicit in its Identity
    • A parish should work for the poor, the hurt, the sick and the dying, all under the banner of the Blood of Christ. “Who will speak if we don’t?” Fr. Keyes said. “This isn’t just my voice. This is the voice of Jesus calling out for all people.”

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