Peru: In Lima and on the Mountainside

Like Chile, its neighbor to the south, Peru is a complex country with many ecosystems: mountains, desert, seashore, and everything in between. Our Missionaries have been in Peru since 1962. Currently, they serve in Lima and Sondorillo

In Lima, the Missionaries are pastors of two parishes, San Borja, and Nuestra Señora de la Luz (Our Lady of the Light). These parishes cover a huge territory, particularly Nuestra Señora de la Luz, which is in an economically challenged neighborhood. There, the parish provides many support services to its people.

Also in Lima, the Missionaries administer the Asociación San Jerónimo (St. Jerome Association), which provides educational resources to the country’s teachers.

Missionaries in Peru also minister in Sondorillo, a village high in the mountains north of Lima. Roads around Sondorillo are narrow, steep and often impassable; our Missionaries there sometimes travel by dirt bike around the village and to the 24 small chapels spread out in the countryside.

Sondorillo offers few creature comforts that many of us in North America take for granted. The water supply is scarce and unsafe to drink. Homes are simple—yet the people are warm and welcoming. “The people are wonderful, and they love the fact that our priests are living among them,” said Fr. Andoni Ledesma, C.PP.S. “There’s just so much to do there. It’s not an easy task, but we will tighten the belt, and just do it."

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