Become a Companion

Precious Blood Companions:

  • Are lay people who through contact with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood have discovered a calling to share the mission of the Congregation.
  • Are often leaders in their local Christian communities, and are searching to enrich their spiritual lives.
  • Are eager to come together with others in a group to make their ministry fruitful through collaboration and partnership.
  • Are missionaries responding to the cry of the blood by reaching out to others through a variety of ministries, especially to the poor and marginalized.

Companions often feel that to be a lay associate of the Missionaries is a calling, and they gain strength and spiritual wisdom from the time they spend at Companion gatherings and at Community events. This in turn helps them in their many ministries in their parishes, in the larger Church, and in the workplace.

Companions in the inquiry stage undergo a two-year period of formation before they make their first covenant with the Community. A covenant is a personal commitment between the Companion and the Community, which is received by the provincial director or his representative at a Community event. Covenants are renewed every three years. Each covenant is unique, but Companions all find some way to be connected with Precious Blood priests and brothers.

Fr. Barry Fischer, C.PP.S., a former moderator general of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, wrote, “To embrace the reality of greater collaboration with the laity means that we (the C.PP.S.) need to be converted from seeing lay men and women as mere ‘helpers’ in our works, to view them as true partners and companions in a common mission.”

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