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The Precious Blood Center at St. Charles Center has resource material available. To order any of the listed materials, contact Br. Theophane Woodall at 419-925-4516. Prices listed below do not include shipping and handling

Resource Books
#1- Historical Sketches of the C.PP.S. $4.00
#2- St. Gaspar and the Blessed Virgin Mary $4.00
#3- St. Gaspar’s Prison Experiences 1810-1813 $5.50
#4- Strokes of the Pen I (Excerpts from Gaspar’s letters) $4.00
#5- Acta of the General Assembly $3.00
#6- Pictorial Necrology C.PP.S. $8.50
#7- Pictorial Directory C.PP.S. Cincinnati Province $4.00
#8- Strokes of the Pen II $4.00
#9- Along the Road Marked with Blood (Retreat talks) $6.50
#10- Essays in honor of St. Gaspar $4.00
#11- Strokes of the Pen III $4.00
#12- 24 Hours a Day (Life of Ven. Merlini) $8.00
#13- The Passionate Pilgrim (Retreat talks on Precious Blood) $6.00
#14- More Essays in Honor of St. Gaspar $6.00
#15- The Life and Times of Fr. Brunner, C.PP.S. $6.50
#16- In Water and In Blood (Spirituality of Precious Blood) $8.50
#17- My Life is Like the Amazon (Xingu Missions) $6.50
#18- The Sources of Gasparian Spirituality $5.50
#19- Acta of the XVI C.PP.S. General Assembly $5.00
#20- Chronology of the American Cincinnati Province $8.50
#21- Chronology of the C.PP.S. Brothers in America $8.50
#22- A Precious Blood Reader $6.50
#23- Strokes of the Pen IV $6.50
#24- Strokes of the Pen V $6.50
#25- Acta of the XVII General Assembly $7.50
#26- Historical Sketches of C.PP.S. (Update of#1) $7.50
#27- International Symposium on Precious Blood Parishes $8.00
#28- Acta XVIII General Assembly $5.00
#29- Brothers Symposium (2006) $7.00
#30- Acta XIX General Assembly $7.00
#31- St. Gaspar del Bufalo Vol I (Cont.) $10.00
#32- St. Gaspar del Bufalo Vol II (Cont) $10.00
#33- Our Mission in Defense of Earth Community
(available in English & Spanish)
#34- The Hidden Father (Francis Albertini) $15.00
Other Books
CPPS General & Provincial Chapters Pictures $5.00
Litany, Seven Offerings, Chaplet PB $5.00
St. Gaspar in the Arts $15.00
Life & Times of St. Gaspar $20.00
St. Gaspar, Saint of the People $6.00
Four Historical Booklets (Early History in US) $2.00
Circular Letters of St. Gaspar $2.50
Everlasting Covenant (Theology of the Precious Blood) $5.00
Precious Blood Reader (Theology of the Precious Blood) $4.00
CPPS American Province Vol 1 (History) $5.00
CPPS American Province Vol II (History) $5.00
Where the Xingu Flows (Mission in the Xingu, Brazil) $1.00
South America Venture (Chile-’47-’97) $4.00
Sunday Homilies: Years A,B,C, $5.00 ea
Blood of Christ in the Greek Fathers $4.00
Short Life of Ven. John Merlini $1.00
Journey of Hope (Albrecht Schism from CPPS and Church) $11.00
Biblical Theology of the Blood of Christ $3.00
No Turning Back (A Life ofSt. Gaspar) $8.00
St. Gaspar Daily Reminder $10.00
Various Authors
Ven. John Merlini and His Message $4.00
Precious Blood Spirituality $4.50
Precious Blood Workshops: 1958 N/A
Precious Blood Workshops: 1960 $8.00
Precious Blood Workshops: 1968 $8.00
Pope John XXIII-Letter on Devotion to the Precious Blood $0.10
CPPS Heritage I (Formation Talks) $10.00
CPPS Heritage II (Formation Talks) $10.00
Precious Blood Prayer Books
Chaplets of the Precious Blood (machine made) $3.00
Precious Blood Prayerbook $1.00
CPPS Liturgy of the Hours $8.00
CPPS Mass Propers (for Sacramentary) $8.00
Precious Blood Hymns by Fr. Henkel $2.00
Way of the Cross (CPPS Manual of Prayers version) $0.50
Seven Offerings and Litany of the Precious Blood
(available in English and Spanish)
$0.60 ea $5.00/100
Madonna of the Precious Blood (11.75″ x 15.5″) $2.50
St. Gaspar:
With Chalice – 27.25″ x 19.5″ $5.00
With Chalice – 15.75″ x 11.5″ $4.00
Profile 20″ x 16″ $4.00
Profile 12″ x 10″ $3.00
Medals of St. Gaspar (available in oxidized and aluminum) $0.25
Holy Cards
 $0.09 ea
A1 Madonna of the Precious Blood (w/Prayer on Back)
B2 American Madonna of PB (no prayer on back)
A1 St. Gaspar Holding chalice with prayer on back
For C.PP.S. Members
Address Book (Current) $5.00
Necrology (Current) $3.25
Register of Members (Current) $2.00
Register of Members (1844-1965) $2.00
CPPS Mass Stipend Records
CPPS Monthly Ledger
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