Our Parish Ministries

Many Missionaries of the Precious Blood minister to the people of God in parish life as pastors or associate pastors. Whether in the U.S. or in other countries, C.PP.S. pastors live, pray and work alongside the people of God as together they walk the path that God has laid for them. It is through parish life that many people find their true faith family. Our C.PP.S. pastors are there to lead, guide and walk alongside the people of God in their everyday lives.

Whether at urban, suburban or rural locales, our hope is that the faithful find our Precious Blood parishes to be places of hope, welcome and spiritual nourishment.

Some of the characteristics of Precious Blood parishes at their best include:

  • The parish as community: a place of welcome and hospitality, a place of safety, and a place of prayer and thanksgiving.
  • The parish in its ministry: a place that is attuned to the paschal mystery, a place that is collaborative and reconciling.
  • The parish in its mission: a place that is missionary and not parochial, a place that evangelizes, whose people build bridges and are not afraid to stand in the breach.
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