Amici, Friends of the Community

Amici is a group of men and women who feel connected to the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in a special way. Some are former C.PP.S. members (and their spouses). Others studied at Brunnerdale, the Missionaries’ former high school seminary near Canton, Ohio; at St. Charles Seminary in Carthagena, Ohio; and/or at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Ind.

Those ties to the Missionaries, through their education and shared experiences, remain strong. And the Missionaries’ efforts to reach out to and remain in relationship with former members is a good example of reconciliation offered and given through the Precious Blood of Jesus. Reconciliation was often needed because after the tumultuous 1960s, many priests, brothers, and sisters left their religious congregations in breaks that were sometimes painful for everyone.

Many of the Amici went on from their formation with the Missionaries to work in the helping professions. Some credit the Missionaries with helping to form them into the people they are today. Amici say they enjoy renewing old friendships, telling stories and singing songs from earlier days.

Amici gather every other summer for a reunion at St. Charles. They also participate in the life of the Community in many ways.

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