Precious Blood Spirituality

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” (Ephesians 2: 12-14)

Precious Blood spirituality calls for inclusion, for seeking out people who feel unloved, rejected and alone, in the same way that Christ seeks them out. Because Jesus shed his blood to bring reconciliation, love and hope to each and every one of us, the Missionaries seek to spread this reconciling love to everyone, especially the lost, the hopeless, the poor, the victims of violence — anyone who feels left out of the circle of God’s love.

Fr. David Kelly, C.PP.S., who serves at the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation which ministers to youth in a violence-torn neighborhood of Chicago writes:

“We have to create communities of hope where we recognize that our lives are intertwined with one another and that what affects one, affects us all. This ethos—the interconnectedness of all—is at the heart of the spirituality that calls us to be ambassadors of reconciliation. It seems to me that at the very core—the very essence—of who we are, has to be the willingness to enter into the tension and messiness of life and witness to the power of God’s love to transform. I have to believe that is our ministry -walking faithfully into the muddled mess of life and giving witness to the transforming power of the Blood of Christ.”

Jesus offered his body and blood to his disciples at the last supper and welcomed them to sit at table with him. Missionaries, then, open their doors to friends and to strangers. They share what they have.

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