Priests & Brothers

Missionaries of the Precious Blood are composed of priests and brothers who share a commitment to reach out to those who are lost or forsaken. They are encouraged to dream new dreams, following God’s call in the tradition of their founder St. Gaspar del Bufalo to serve the people of God in ways that will invigorate God’s Church. Our priests and brothers live as a family and find in each other the support and friendship that sustains them in their ministries.

Precious Blood priests take great joy in celebrating the sacraments and in serving God’s people in a variety of ministries which include, but are not limited to: pastors, preachers, teachers, reconcilers, authors, retreat leaders, and chaplains.

Precious Blood brothers serve the people of God as teachers, preachers, artists, chaplains, vocation ministers, musicians and sacristans, to name a few. They serve in parishes, schools, and hospitals or wherever God calls them.

No matter where and how they serve, Precious Blood priests and brothers are missionaries. They also live as one with the people they serve. “We’re just folks,” said our former Moderator General, Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, C.PP.S. “There’s a humanness to us. Our becoming priests or brothers does not remove us from the world. We have a very ordinary way of being present to the people.”

Precious Blood priests talk about their vocation:
  • “Who will speak (for the poor, the lonely, the abandoned) if we don’t? This isn’t just my voice. This is the voice of Jesus calling out for all people.”
  • “We believe that the Eucharist is life. Life for all. But we can’t stop there. We can’t simply stay in the belief mode. The Eucharist calls us to share the love of God with the entire world.”
  • “Religious vocations are found in saints and sinners alike, in people who have always been faithful, and in those who have made a return to the Lord through a moment of grace.”
Precious Blood brothers describe their lives:
  • “Brothers are bridge-builders between the ordained clergy and the laity.”
  • “A brother is a man who shares the life force of the Precious Blood, who walks hand-in-hand with others and reaches out to those in need.”
  •  “We have got to have room for brothers who want to live simply in our Community, for those who work behind the scenes.”

Priest and Brother Profiles

Br. Juan Acuña
Fr. Angelo Anthony
Fr. Timothy Armbruster
Br. Jim Ballmann
Br. Benjamin Basile
Fr. Joseph Bathke
Br. Tom Bohman
Fr. Harold Brown
Br. Daryl Charron
Fr. Dennis Chriszt
Fr. Stephen Dos Santos
Fr. Greg Evers
Br. Joe Fisher
 Fr.  Lee Flaherty  
Fr. Tony Fortman
Fr. Rick Friebel
Fr. Matthew Jozefiak
Fr. Matt Keller
Fr. David Kelly
Fr. Denny Kinderman
V. Rev. Jeffrey Kirch
Fr. Timothy Knepper
Fr. Scott Kramer
Fr. Alfred Naseman
Fr. Bill Nordenbrock
Br. Terry Nufer
Fr. Kenneth F. Pleiman
Br. Rob Reuter
Fr. Garry Richmeier
Br. Matt Schaefer
Br. Ton Sison
Fr. James Smith
Fr. Vince Wirtner
Missionaries of the Precious Blood