Missionary Hearts Mission and Ministry Society

All Missionaries of the Precious Blood share in the same mission: to bring the Good News of God’s reconciling love to all people. The way that they do this changes according to the times and the places where they find themselves, but their mission to serve God and God’s people remains constant.

People who are familiar with this small but dedicated Congregation of priests, brothers and lay associates say that its members share a practical nature, a quiet dedication and a sincere commitment to service. Precious Blood people are not afraid to dream great dreams, but they also roll up their sleeves and get to work when the times call for action.

Our supporters tend to be the same kind of people: generous, practical, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. We are happy to welcome them as part of our Precious Blood family. Together we hope to fulfill the mission that God has set before us.

Members of our major gift society will help ensure that the missions and ministries of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood remain strong and true to God’s call.

Whether in the U.S. or other countries, the heart of the city or among the fields, our mission is to reach out to the people of God, especially the poor, the lonely, the suffering, the alienated, and all those who need us the most.

Annual gifts will be used to educate and train priest and brother candidates; support our retired members; and C.PP.S. Missionaries in Latin America.

Members of our Missionary Hearts Mission and Ministry Society will be invited to donor events including a Lenten day of reflection and a fall memorial Mass for deceased family members; and be remembered in the daily prayers of the Community.

Annual Levels of Membership

St. Gaspar del Bufalo

An Annual Gift of $10,000 or more
St. Gaspar del Bufalo (1786-1837) founded the Missionaries of the Precious Blood in 1815 in Giano, Italy. He believed that the Precious Blood of Jesus could save a Church and a world that was bruised and bleeding after the Napoleonic wars. St. Gaspar traveled throughout rural Italy delivering a message of redemption through the Blood of Christ to the people of God, and inspiring his small band of followers. He gave his life ministering to the sick in a cholera epidemic in Rome in 1837.

Venerable Giovanni Merlini

An Annual Gift of $5,000 to $9,999
Fr. Giovanni Merlini (1795-1873), a close friend and follower of St. Gaspar, considered it his mission to sustain the life of the fledgling Congregation after St. Gaspar’s death. All great causes require a passionate creator – and also someone who is willing to give all to keep a dream alive.

Fr. Francis de Sales Brunner

An Annual Gift of $2,500 to $4,999
Fr. Francis De Sales Brunner, C.PP.S, (1795-1859), was the Swiss-born priest who brought the Missionaries of the Precious Blood to the United States. Leading a small group of shivering, underfed priests, brothers and students, he went on to establish missions throughout central and western Ohio.

Fr. John Wilson, C.PP.S.

An Annual Gift of $1,000 to $2,499
Fr. John Wilson, C.PP.S., (1904-1992), a World War II army chaplain who survived the Bataan Death March, was one of the first Missionaries of the Precious Blood to serve in Chile, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia.

Brother Bernie Barga, C.PP.S.

An Annual Gift of $500 to $999
The welcoming smile and big heart of Br. Bernie Barga, C.PP.S. (1928-2001), attracted many to the C.PP.S. as candidates, lay associates and friends. Brother Bernie served as an informal ambassador for the C.PP.S. everywhere he went.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood