Our Mission Ad Experimentum Colombia

Our mission in Colombia is experimental. We felt that conditions in the country called for the healing presence of the Precious Blood of Jesus, and we have been trying to find our way in Colombia to determine where we might be of most help to the people.

Missionaries in Bogotá minister at a parish, Nuestra Señora de los Alpes (Our Lady of the Alps). The parish has a lively youth group, and our Missionaries have also started several adult faith formation initiatives.

Missionaries in Colombia go out each year to conduct missions in the countryside. They are welcomed back to these small villages, usually during Holy Week, where they join in the observation of this most blessed time. They lead prayers and processions, preach and minister to the people in other ways.

Our Missionaries in Bogotá also work in schools and administer a vocation and formation program for priest and brother candidates.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood