Our Mission in Guatemala

Guatemala, a country just south of Mexico that is roughly the size of Ohio, is called “The Land of Eternal Spring” because of its temperate climate. There, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood have found ample work to do.

While Guatemala’s rich soil supports lush plant life, its people often find it harder to thrive. More than half of the population lives below the nation’s poverty line, and a third of the nation cannot read or write. It has often been plagued by violence, particularly during a decades-long civil war, the scars of which still linger.

In the capital, Guatemala City, our Missionaries carry out parish ministry at Nuestra Señora de la Preciosa Sangre (Our Lady of the Precious Blood). They also administer Seminario San Gaspar (St. Gaspar Seminary) for candidates in initial formation with the Community.

In the countryside near Guatemala City, Missionaries minister in the La Labor region, at a far-flung rural parish called Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ). There, they care for the spiritual needs of nearly 40,000 people in 14 faith communities, with the help of trained lay catechists.

Missionaries also minister high in the mountains in Tucurú and La Tinta, where rural people are fiercely proud of their Mayan culture. It is a culture that is threatened by modern times, but our Missionaries walk with them in faith and respect for their traditions.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood