Happy Feast Day to all in the Precious Blood family!

One of the ways that our Congregation celebrates July 1, the Feast of the Precious Blood, is to honor our C.PP.S. priest and brother members who are celebrating milestone anniversaries of their ordination or profession. It feels right that as we as a Church honor and recommit ourselves to the Precious Blood of Jesus that heals and binds us together, we as a Congregation also honor the men who have dedicated their lives to being Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

So much of what we learn throughout life, we absorb from watching others. Jesus taught us as much by his actions as he did with his words, as beautiful and compelling as his words were. By sacrificing himself for us, shedding his Precious Blood, he showed us once and for all that we are children of God. That gives purpose and meaning to our lives, even on ordinary days.

In the same way, when I see the sacrifice and ministry of our priests and brothers, as well as the commitment of our lay associates, I feel strengthened and energized. If these good people said yes, then so can we! If they stay faithful no matter how rocky the road, then so can we. If they choose to follow Christ and live by his example, then so can we.

So this feast is a good day not only to feel grateful and blessed by Jesus for his unstinting sacrifice, but also to look around and be grateful for those people whom God has put in our lives, who reflect for us God’s endless love and faithfulness. The Precious Blood of Jesus flows through all of us! Glory to the Blood of Jesus, now and forever.

Fraternally in the Precious Blood,
Fr. Larry Hemmelgarn, C.PP.S.
Provincial Director

Missionaries of the Precious Blood