We are often asked what our lay associates, called Companions, do. Companions do have roles within the C.PP.S., including serving on committees, volunteering at events, and taking part in annual assemblies and special celebrations.

But primarily, being a Companion is more about being in relationship with the Community, rather than doing something for it. Indeed, most Companions are already very active in ministry in their own parishes and communities and aren’t necessarily looking to take on additional ministry commitments.

What they can do is live out their Precious Blood spirituality in their homes and places of employment, and in that way become more of the “one thousand tongues” that St. Gaspar prayed would help proclaim the Precious Blood of Jesus.

Through their example of living out such Precious Blood charisms as concern for the poor, compassion for the lonely and isolated, and welcome to the stranger, Companions can shine light on the spiritual path of the people they meet.

Take, for example, John Frazer, a Companion from Lake Mary, Fla. John has achieved a high level of excellence in his work as a technical lead engineer with Boeing. In fact, in August, John was recognized by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Program for his “outstanding efforts of individuals who are dedicated to ensuring astronaut safety and mission success.”

John’s work at Boeing is difficult and exacting. Even so, he manages to bring to the workplace an attitude of respect and compassion for his co-workers, so much so that they comment on it. Co-workers ask him about his faith life, he said, and John tells them how important it is in his life.

“I treat everyone with respect, and I’m willing to help out anyone that needs it. I always go the extra mile to reach out and be friendly towards everyone,” John said. “In my job it is also important to speak the truth even if it may not be popular. I also try to be a good steward of company money.”

He’s helped along in his work by his wife, Trish, also a Companion. “Both NASA and Boeing understand the only way we can function in our jobs and be as dedicated as we are is if we have a strong support group at home,” he said. “In my case that’s Trish, my wife.”

We congratulate John on his award and thank him for saying yes to the call to be a Companion of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Whatever he does, John brings the same sense of commitment and compassion, whether that’s as a husband, an employee, a parishioner at the Church of the Nativity in Lake Mary, or as a Companion.

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Missionaries of the Precious Blood