Fr. Harry Brown, C.PP.S., is up and walking and determined to get back to his ministry at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio.

Fr. Brown, who fell in his apartment at the shrine on December 14, had surgery to repair a broken femur and has since been recovering in the infirmary at St. Charles Center in Carthagena, Ohio.

He has graduated out of occupational therapy, while his physical therapy continues. “I can stand, and I can walk without the walker, though someone has to be with me,” he said. Next, a physical therapist will work with Fr. Brown on getting in and out of a car.

When he’s not in therapy sessions, Fr. Brown works on his recovery on his own, doing exercises in his room in the infirmary. “I have three pages of exercises!” he said. “I do them on my own because I know that’s what’s going to help me.”

He’s been watching the Winter Olympics, and he also spends time keeping up with his mail. He’s already received boxes of get-well cards, with more coming each day. He appreciates the cards and the prayers coming from the C.PP.S. family and beyond.

For people in similar circumstances, Fr. Brown recommends being a patient patient. “It takes real patience. In the beginning, you’re helpless. And you just have to accept it,” he said. “I prayed for the poor souls in purgatory. I probably saved hundreds of them.”

Missionaries of the Precious Blood