On February 4, the feast of St. Maria de Mattias, Eduardo Fredy Campos, C.PP.S., was definitively incorporated into the C.PP.S. It was the first definitive incorporation here in Colombia in more than ten years. Fredy has been with us for quite some time. He is a native of Peru and lived most of his early years in La Oroya, where Missionaries of the Precious Blood formerly were in ministry.

Fredy was in the formation program in Peru and made his temporary incorporation there. He decided to take some time to live outside the Congregation and spent two years as a primary teacher in Lima. He reentered the formation program in Colombia after a year of pastoral experience with C.PP.S. members in Mexico. After finishing his theological studies, he became the vocation director for the mission. He is now formator of initial formation and helps Fr. Robin Urrutia, C.PP.S., in managing the finances of the mission.

The definitive incorporation took place at Our Lady of the Alps Church, where Missionaries of the Precious Blood are in ministry. Fr. Joe Deardorff, C.PP.S., was the main celebrant and represented the provincial during the ceremony. The event was celebrated by the presence of all the members, seminarians and lay associates. Many people of the parish were present as well. The mission also welcomed Fredy’s mother and two sisters, who came from Peru.

There are now two members from the province of Yauli–La Oroya, where our members in Peru worked for 50 years.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood