The events of Holy Week can be painful to relive, to examine up close. The same can be said of many of the events of our lives. But Fr. Dave Kelly, C.PP.S., says that wounds that aren’t examined seldom heal.

“When we remember truthfully, and place our truth in the larger story, and remember the fullness of the truth, that’s when healing can happen,” Fr. Dave said in a Lenten day of reflection on Saturday. “That process allows us to grapple with the trauma we’ve experienced and make sense of it. . . . Otherwise, we get caught up in the trauma, and it can be harmful. When you can share and talk, things start to happen. The hurt can start to heal. Unless we talk, unless we tell our stories, we’ll never heal.”

Lord, during this Holy Week, please bring healing to your people who are suffering.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood