Jesus has been raised from the dead! Do not be afraid! Go tell my people… they will see me. (Matthew 28: 7-10)

Easter is a day of jubilation! A day when hope amidst sadness, doubt and confusion turns into true reality! “Jesus is not dead, but alive!”

What joy Mary Magdalen and the other Marys must have experienced when Jesus stopped them on their way from the empty tomb and spoke directly to them and told them to go to the others. How fast they must have run! I’m sure they couldn’t get there fast enough to tell the disciples that they had seen Jesus alive and spoken to him. “Jesus is alive! And they will see him too!”

When we have good news, we run to tell it everywhere! We can’t hold it in. What better news is there to share than Jesus is here with us? We have seen Jesus present in our lives, in our gospel living, in those with whom we walk and work! With whom do we run and share our experiences? Jesus tells us too, to go and tell all people that he is alive, and they will see him too. He is here with us!

We are to be hope-filled people, Jesus’ messengers of hope to our world. We must be like the Marys on the way from the tomb, and pay attention to God’s presence all around us, in people, in creation, in experiences and be astonished by God’s workings and then go and spread hope and joy. Go and spread the good news that Jesus is very much alive! Jesus is present in our world! Alleluia!

Sr. Annette Embrich, ASC

Missionaries of the Precious Blood