Eternal life is this, to know you . . . (John 17: 3)

 “And eternal life is this, to know you . . .”
But how do we know you?
Do we know you from the inside?
Do we know how you think? How you feel?
On a crowded bus or in a shopping mall.
There is a little girl.
Do I sense the fear in her eyes
As she cautiously asks her nervous mom for help?
Do I see that young man’s worried look
As he stares out the window?
Do I hear the joy in that little one’s giggle?
Does my heart feel the pain?
Laugh with the giggle?
Oh, Lord, let my heart be so attuned to your heart so I may
See as you see
Hear as you hear, and
Feel as you feel.
So, knowing you, I, too, can share with the apostles
The mission of Jesus
With my whole heart
Till the end of my days.

Sr. Marcia Kruse, ASC

Missionaries of the Precious Blood