By Fr. Jim Dugal, C.PP.S.

Today we begin reading the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel, often called the Bread of Life Discourse because Jesus makes this statement. I find it helpful to read the whole gospel by yourself to get the whole message. It continues to grow as you read it.

Some time ago I saw a man standing by the road holding a sign, “Will work for food.” I felt sad that so many go hungry in this prosperous nation of ours. And then I began to think that I also work for food—for bread. And Jesus says not to work for the bread that perishes but for the bread that lasts for eternal life. I hope that is the bread that I am working for, our daily bread, the bread that lasts for eternal life. The bread that is Jesus. That is the bread of life.

When God gave his people manna in the desert, he told them to gather just enough for one day. They were to trust that he would give them more tomorrow. I need to have that trust too. That is what he has done in my life. His graces and strength have been sufficient for each day.

In Mass, Jesus gives us the bread of life—Himself. It is the living bread, soul and divinity, body and blood. As members dedicated to the Blood of Christ, we can trust that his Precious Blood will give us grace and strength for the day, to show his mercy and love to all we meet. Bread of Life, make your life strong in us


Fr. Jim Dugal, C.PP.S., is
a preacher and retreat leader
who lives at St. Charles Center
in Carthagena, Ohio.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood