During Holy Week, we’re pairing Stations of the Cross at various parishes where Missionaries of the Precious Blood are in ministry with thoughts from Missionaries about Lent, holiness, prayer and our connection to Christ. This station, Jesus is nailed to the cross, is from St. James the Less Church in Columbus.

From Fr. Bill Nordenbrock, C.PP.S., moderator general of the C.PP.S. worldwide: “It’s a humbling experience to recognize your own humanity, your own frailty, in relationship to God. In scriptures they talk about fear of the Lord. But it’s not about being fearful: it’s about that sense of awesomeness that sets you back and fills you with awe. That’s what the phrase ‘fear of the Lord’ means in the Scriptures. It means we recognize God’s power and wonder. It humbles us, and because it humbles us there’s a need for a second encounter, when God says, ‘I’m here for you.’ When we’ve been opened up and we’re ready to see and hear the truth, God comes to us. God says, ‘You see yourself as lowly but I see you as my son, my daughter. I see one I love.’”

Missionaries of the Precious Blood