By Fr. Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S.

A mighty wind or a gentle breath,

the Spirit comes as it wills.

Sometimes a mighty wind

that opens shuttered windows and locked doors

and fills the frightened with new courage

sending the silent into the streets

with loud voices

that proclaim Good News.

Sometimes a gentle breath

brings peace to troubled hearts

and sends the brokenhearted

to be messengers of mercy.

We never quite know how the Spirit will come.

We never quite know when the Spirit will come.

But we do know this much:

the Spirit will come

when we least expect it,

when we need it the most.

A mighty wind or a gentle breath,

the Spirit comes,

and once it comes,

things will never be the same.

Whole crowds will suddenly hear and understand.

People will learn to forgive sins,

and far greater wonders than these.

Good News will spread far and wide,

by word of mouth,

faster than social media.

When the Spirit comes

only God knows what’s possible.

A mighty wind or a gentle breath,

we need the Spirit more than ever.

Locked behind shuttered windows and locked doors,

we seek to build walls that separate

rather than bridges that bring us together.

Locked within our own fears,

we withhold mercy

from those who need it the most.

Afraid to speak up,

we need the Spirit once again.

We need the Spirit to blow

like a mighty wind

in a world filled with fear of the other

and senseless violence,

a world that in many ways is destroying itself.

We need the Spirit to blow

like a gentle breath

in a world where it is too easy to hold on to ancient prejudices

that too often divide peoples by language and race.

We need a Spirit that will transform us once again,

that will help us to hear with open ears

the cry of the poor,

the call of the blood,

and the Good News of our salvation.

We need a Spirit that will help us forgive ourselves

when we have failed

and continue to hold onto our guilt.

We need a Spirit that will help us forgive others

who have hurt us, our loved ones or our world.

We need a Spirit that will make all things new.

We need a mighty wind and a gentle breath

that will make us anew.

Lord, send out your Spirit

and renew the face of the earth!



Fr. Dennis Chriszt


Fr. Dennis Chriszt, C.PP.S., is the director of advanced formation for the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. He also directs Precious Blood Parish Missions (

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