St. Maria de Mattias is an important figure in our Precious Blood family and so on February 4, we say “happy feast day” to the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC). St. Maria founded this congregation of religious sisters in 1834 in Acuto, Italy.

St. Maria was inspired to a life of ministry in part by the preaching of our founder, St. Gaspar del Bufalo. Born into a privileged family, she felt God’s call from an early age. For Maria, who taught herself to read and write, this took the form of teaching others. Over 32 years, she founded nearly 70 schools, often in under-served towns and rural areas of what is now Italy.

The congregation she founded has served God’s people around the world. To learn more about St. Maria and the ASC sisters, visit their website.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood