An Easter message from our provincial director, Fr. Jeffrey Kirch, C.PP.S.

Throughout Holy Week, we lived through the familiar stories of Jesus’ passion and death. As we placed ourselves in the stories, we were at times part of the mob yelling “Crucify him,” and at times part of the small band of believers who stayed with Jesus and stood at the foot of the cross.

Today we celebrate his resurrection. Easter is a holy day that ripples out. We wake up and realize, “He is risen—it’s Easter.” We get dressed up, we greet family and friends, we are all smiles. We go to church and celebrate with the people of God, no longer a small band of followers, now a worldwide Church.

Always in our lives of faith, the flicker starts in our own hearts, ignited by God. But we are at our best when we join with others in celebrating what we believe. Then together, we move from that celebration out into the world, where we see signs of new life all around us. To unite ourselves with others, to become part of a great chorus, brings us the joy that is promised in our life in Christ. Together with the whole church, we say alleluia.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood