The Missionaries of the Precious Blood heard a message of hope and unity at the opening of their assembly today in Indianapolis.

Fr. Eric Andrews, CSP, led the Missionaries of the US Province in a time of prayer and reflection. “Pope Francis seeks for us to be unified around the altar. We face a critical moment in our Church. We are to go deeper into the richness of the Eucharist so we may find in that great experience of prayer the unity that God is calling us to,” he said.  “The Eucharist is nonpartisan. In bringing ourselves to the alter, we bring all of ourselves, all of our needs, all of who we are, and ask the Lord to lift us up so that we might become the persons we are supposed to be.”

Missionaries and Companions (lay associates) will hear more from Fr. Eric tomorrow, on the first full day of the annual assembly.

Please pray for them as they gather during this important time of renewal and recommitment to the Congregation’s mission: to draw all people near through the Blood of Christ (Eph 2:13).

Missionaries of the Precious Blood