Missionaries at the annual assembly of the United States Province today talked about the center of their faith, the great gift of the Eucharist that draws people together.

Fr. Eric Andrews, CSP, led Missionaries and Companions, their lay associates, through a discussion on the ways they could use their Precious Blood spirituality to offer comfort to a wounded world.

The day of reflection ended with a liturgy at which Fr. Andrews was the homilist. During the Mass and during his presentations, he spoke of the central place that the Eucharist holds in the lives of the Missionaries and Companions, and the whole Church.

“The Eucharist is the everlasting gift that keeps giving. In return, God asks us to be people who will give of ourselves. In our lives (in a religious community), we are continually given everything we need: God gives us each other. To bind up each other’s wounds, to practice the gift of reconciliation, to hear words of forgiveness. We bring all this to God’s table, knowing that God will always make us better than we ever thought we could be.”

Ministry can be “a long and difficult road sometimes—the Lord is always challenging us,” he said. “We’re always going to fall short. And that’s okay. What he wants from us is hearts that are open. May the sharing of the body and Blood of Christ keep you always young at heart. Let us keep answering the Lord’s call. May we be able to laugh when times are hard, and serve with hearts full of love.”

The assembly continues through Thursday in Indianapolis. Tomorrow, the Congregation honors 12 members who are celebrating milestone anniversaries, and accepts the covenants of its Companions (lay associates).

Missionaries of the Precious Blood