Fr. Tim Knepper, C.PP.S.

Growing up in Indiana, spending summers near my Grandpa Norman was instructional, due to my grandfather being a farmer and a wisdom figure. He was blessed with a green thumb and a smart mind. His garden was filled with sweet corn, green peppers, green beans and always yellow tomatoes. He told me that yellow tomatoes were less acidic and easier on your stomach. He would stop by my parents’ house and share the produce and usually blunt and loving advice.

One time he stopped by with produce and it was just him and me in the kitchen. He asked me, “Tim, do you know what you are doing with your life?” I responded, “I have no idea yet.”

He said, “Well you better get an idea before you’re planted in the ground.” This was stated in his usual matter-of-fact style. I told him that I appreciated his concern but wished it could have been stated in more charitable ways.

Our second reading states: “Humbly welcome the word that has been planted in you and is able to save your souls.” When we welcome God’s unconditional love in our hearts, it can bring humility into our lives. WE realize we are not God and that’s okay. WE realize we need a savior, Jesus Christ! WE realize that the life-giving Precious Blood of Jesus Christ flows out of us and into others, giving life.

What does that life look like? From my work in Precious Blood parishes I see what that looks like every day. Ordinary people putting others first. People checking in on shut-ins and sending cards to those forgotten. People praying at Eucharistic Adoration for us priests, brothers and Companions to do our ministry well. Folks going to confession to uproot sin from their lives to become godlier. And people like my Grandpa Norman sharing their produce with the less fortunate.





Missionaries of the Precious Blood