We thank God today that no one was hurt during a fire early Sunday morning that destroyed San Sebastian Church in Purranque, Chile, where our Missionaries have been in ministry for more than 60 years. Currently in Purranque are Frs. Jorge Gomez, C.PP.S., and Claudio Varas, C.PP.S.

Fr. Antonio Baus, C.PP.S., of the Chilean Vicariate, notes that San Sebastian, “the southernmost C.PP.S. parish in the world, was inaugurated in 1949. Its first pastor was Fr. Ambrose Lengerich, C.PP.S., who dedicated his pastorship to build a new church building that was dedicated in 1952.  Earthquakes in 1958 and 1960 condemned the main monumental brick and mortar entrance, which had to be demolished in the early sixties.  The rest of the building was built in wood and was able to be rescued for future generations after some repairs. The fire destroyed what lasted some fifty years.”

Please pray for our Missionaries in the Chilean Vicariate, and the faith family of San Sebastian as they work together to rebuild the church.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood