Thanks to C.PP.S. Brs. Terry Nufer and Theophane Woodall, the Precious Blood family can enjoy new Precious Blood Hymnals when worshiping together in Assumption chapel at St. Charles Center, the motherhouse of the C.PP.S.

The old blue hymnals dated from the 1950s and were falling apart. The two brothers selected, revised and organized the hymns, then Br. Terry worked on computer-generated arrangements that are easier to read than in the old hymnals. Br. Theophane oversaw the printing of the new hymnals at Messenger Press.

“I was pleased to be part of a project to keep some of the specific Precious Blood repertoire alive and well and usable,” Br. Terry said.

This was just one of many projects carried out by C.PP.S. priests, brothers and candidates to keep community life going and flowing.

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