By Fr. Tony Fortman, C.PP.S.

We draw ever closer to Christmas. In today’s Gospel we envision Mary’s visitation to her cousin Elizabeth. Mary is three months pregnant with baby Jesus and her cousin Elizabeth is six months pregnant with her baby, John the Baptist. These two women are pregnant with great expectant joy. Both women experienced divine intervention and they know that something remarkable will happen to their babies to be born.

Mary and Elizabeth needed this time together. They needed time to talk among themselves, two women expressing their hopes, dreams and expectations for their babies. Men may not be invited into these conversations.

Mothers have a certain sense of love that brings joy, hope and wholeness to family life. There is a great dignity in being a mother. A mother is the most noble gift to humanity. A mother’s vision and insight goes beyond her husband and children. Look at the wedding feast in Cana. Mary knew that it was Jesus’ time to begin his ministry but Jesus had some doubts. Ask yourself this, “Where would I be without a mother’s love?” Think of the days and hours that your mother spent to nurture you and take care of you. For your mother this time went by quickly because she loved you wholeheartedly. Your mom’s total attention will be on you for a lifetime. She wasted time with you and she did not care because she was with you. A mother’s love reigns supreme in this world. Please take time to tell your mother how thankful you are for all the time and love she gave and still gives to you. If your mother has passed from this life, still thank her because she can hear your prayer.

The Blessed Mother loves us as our biological mother loves us. Mary is always making intercession for us. Mothers stand by us at times when the whole world abandons us. God shows his compassion and mercy through mothers. You in turn are called to share this love to others. Let us be unselfish like a mother’s love. God bless you all.



Fr. Tony Fortman, C.PP.S., is the pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Glandorf, Ohio.

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