Icon of St. Gaspar del Bufalo, commissioned by Fr. Yuri Kuzara.

Fr. Yuri Kuzara, C.PP.S., led the members’ retreat for the Cincinnati Province on January 14–17 at St. Charles Center in Carthagena, Ohio. He reminded retreatants that the charism of their Congregation is as vital and urgent now as it ever has been.

“The Precious Blood of Christ is necessary for the Church—it affects all kinds of people, and the grace of God still works through it,” he said. “It worked through St. Gaspar and is still working today. And who are we in all of this? We are the ones who are asked to carry on this great legacy, to carry on the work, to go out to the people in the world because we desire that their souls be saved, that they have all that Christ can give to them. We want them to understand the great gift of the Gospel message. We want them to have everything to make their journey back to God easy.”

Fr. Kuzara said he’s able to continue in his own ministry even when it seems difficult because of the Precious Blood. “I try to do it because of what St. Gaspar holds in that cup, because of the precious and life-giving Blood. We too are called to be saints.

“We have to make sure we are aware enough to see the signs of the Precious Blood working through the people around us—in the sorrows and also in the joys that come our way. Christ speaks to us through others to remind us who have devoted ourselves to the Precious Blood that we are not abandoned, and that the power of his Blood is alive and working.”

Missionaries of the Precious Blood