“And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.”

Any woman who has had a baby can identify with these words and actions of Mary. Another translation uses the words “treasured” and “pondered in her heart.”

When I was in grade school I often heard a phrase: “SOGWPIP.” Translated it means “silly old grandma with pictures in purse.” Whenever families would meet, people would pull out the pictures of their children and grandchildren and proudly share them—today they bring out their smart phones with all the pictures on them. On a plane one time two grandmas showed me their pictures, and then asked for mine. When I told them I was a Catholic priest, one paused then said, “No, I would have taken you for an engineer.”

But with all this reflection Mary also had to share her son with others. The shepherds came and went, and so did the Magi. What did they take back with them and share with others? Simeon and Anna would have that same privilege later in the temple.

Where have you met Jesus? What images of Jesus do you have today?  Have you been carrying some images from your childhood, or do you have a new set of pictures of the risen Jesus? And how do you go about treasuring, or pondering them in your heart?

Today in the Church we have many new ways of receiving images of Jesus, and also new opportunities to share him with others. In this New Year, how open are you to receiving new images of the Risen Christ? And how will you go about sharing him with those you meet?

I often use a prayer that I translated from the Latin, one that Teilhard de Chardin used: “Jesus, be the world for me today. And let this world become more you through me; and let me become more you through this world.”

So how is Jesus coming to you today? And how are you sharing Him?

Peace, prayers and blessings, always!

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Fr. Leon Flaherty, C.PP.S., a native of Superior, Wisc., is now in ministry in his hometown, at the Cathedral of Christ the King.


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