By Fr. Winfried Wermter, C.PP.S.

Although the chalice is one of the most important instru­ments used in celebrating the Eucharist, it is still an instru­ment. In an emergency it can even be dispensed with. Yet the chalice is so close to the Blood of Christ that it assumes a mar­velously symbolic strength all its own that can guide us to a deeper understanding of our lives relative to the ‘Price of Our Redemption’. In all three major parts of the Eucharistic Celebration (Preparation of Gifts, Eucharistic Prayer, and Communion) the chalice serves the Blood of Christ in such an immediate and varied manner that it itself becomes a sign teaching us how to shape our lives in the service of redemp­tion…

To be a “living chalice” means that we continue our service to the Blood of Christ. Whenever we are filled and directed by God’s word, whenever we transform our lives by God’s power and keep offering them as gifts to God, our gifts will also become gifts to others. The greatest gift that the world is yearning for, consciously or unconsciously, is peace, harmony amidst diversity, and unity. It is only in unity that we are free to discover the happiness for which we were created. What peo­ple long for, then, is redemption. But there is no redemption without the Blood of Christ.

If you desire, therefore, to be a chalice that contains and dis­penses the Blood of the Redeemer, then continue to live the Eucharist. Neglect no opportunity of collecting wine in your heart, drop by drop, moment by moment. Do not be concerned whether the wine be sweet or dry. What matters is the trans­formation, the sacrifice, the presence of the redemptive Blood of Christ.

Stand at the foot of the Cross with Mary, ready to lose every­thing. Let not a single drop of the Precious Blood trickle from his side that does not find a place in your heart and is not offered up with trusting love to the Father!

It is not required that you change the world. What is left in the chalice remains bitter or sweet even after the wine becomes the Blood of Christ. The world does not have to have all its problems solved in order to be saved. What the world needs is Redemption.

Therefore, celebrate the Eucharist by living it. Be a living chalice, but do not talk about it. Mary at the foot of the Cross did not talk either. It suffices that you be present with a trust­ing faith wherever Christ is bleeding on the Cross for humankind. Be there with loving heart as Jesus’ mother is.

Whenever you receive the Blood of Jesus, whenever you remain steadfast in adoring it, whenever you endure pain in silence but extend love to others, then will people beat a path to your door. For they will perceive Mary’s presence in you, the presence of a mother.

People are searching for God. They are yearning for God’s love. Keep on receiving this love in the Blood at the foot of the Cross. Keep the pain to yourself but grant the light won there­by to others until they in turn discover its source and also learn to appreciate and love the Cross.

Be a living chalice by being Mary. Be a continuous Communion, a “Font of Mercy”. Then you will be bringing redemption to others and you will be establishing unity, because all the while you will be giving them God, who is Love itself.”



Missionaries of the Precious Blood